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22nd Dec 2016

The 7 Irish Cookbooks Every Irish Foodie Needs This Christmas


If you are a food lover, nothing beats the feeling of getting a new book into your hands on Christmas Day. 

While there are hundreds of them available in book shops and online, we wanted to focus on five of the very best from Irish foodies. 

Most of them seem to have a focus on healthy eating, which tells you where we are heading as a country. Probably best to start cooking the healthy stuff in January is all we are saying! 


1.  Indy Power – The Little Green Spoon

A blogger who jumped into mainstream media in the last couple of years. Her book helps you discover real, nutritious recipes to nourish your body from the inside out. Indy Power uses all natural ingredients to create gorgeous and healthy everyday dishes that don’t compromise on anything, least of all taste!

Screen Shot 2016 12 14 At 12 52 28

2. Neven Maguire’s Complete Family Cookbook

He is one of the most loved chefs in the country and super talented to boot. HIs new book says that our families are the most important people in our lives, so when it comes to mealtimes we want to give them the best we can. This new definitive collection gives you all the inspiration and help you need to make life in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. 

Screen Shot 2016 12 14 At 12 51 10

3. Donal Skehan – Eat. Live. Go

He is the local boy who is making it big in the UK and USA and we can’t get enough of Donal. This is a collection of simple, restorative and inspirational recipes for busy and energetic lifestyles. Donal Skehan explores a healthy approach to eating, which allows for a balance between eating a little of what we like while also ensuring our body gets optimum nutrition.

Screen Shot 2016 12 14 At 12 54 50

4. The Brother Hubbard Cookbook

Chances are that if you live in Dublin, you’ll already be a fan of these guys. The book helps you discover a new way of eating with Brother Hubbard’s fresh, pure flavours dedicated to sharing and happiness. Leaning towards aspects of Middle Eastern and Southern Mediterranean food, The Brother Hubbard Cookbook is packed with nutritious, wholesome, (often deceptively) vegetarian dishes that emphasise flavour, colour and texture.

Screen Shot 2016 12 14 At 12 58 51

5. The World Of The Happy Pear

Their first book was a runaway success and the lads seem to be absolutely everywhere we look over the last couple of years. Their latest book is off to a great start and will be perfect for the post holiday blues. 

Screen Shot 2016 12 14 At 13 02 33

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