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05th Aug 2020

Antrim restaurant’s menu leaves much to the imagination

Sarah Finnan

Antrim restaurant

One diner shared a photo of the menu from an Antrim restaurant, and you could say that its sparse description leaves much to the imagination.

Going out to eat is one of life’s greatest pleasures… at any time, but especially of late when the whole thing is considered to be that much more of a luxury.

As with anything, there are several different types of diners; on the one hand you have those who pore over the menu days in advance, scrutinising every little detail and ingredient until finally, they’ve made their decision (only to arrive on the day and find that the menu has changed and their world is turned upside down once again). On the other are those who rock up to any restaurant that will have them, skim the menu once, close their eyes, point and there’s their order.

There are of course other variations of the two but those are the two bookends and most people generally fall somewhere in the middle.

While those in the former group lean towards lengthy meal descriptions, those in the latter group are fine with a simple one-word summation and this menu from one Antrim restaurant would probably appeal to their taste more.

On his hollibops in Ballycastle Co Antrim, Twitter user Enda Lynch shared a snap of the lunch menu from one of the local restaurants and it leaves quite a lot to the imagination. It reads “Lunch Menu: Today’s soup with some kinda bread”.

Plain and simple, tells you almost everything you need to know.

Kind of like a menu lucky dip, isn’t it? Adds an element of surprise to lunchtime… could be just what was missing all these years. Naturally enough, the whole thing has taken off online and I think it’s fair to say that the Twittersphere is already extremely invested in the whole affair.

Please do keep us updated on what the soup of the day is Enda, we must know the outcome.

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