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16th Jul 2020

Evidence of Iron Age temples discovered near Armagh

Sarah Finnan

Navan Fort

Evidence of a number of Iron Age temple complexes has been uncovered at Navan Fort in Co. Armagh.

Archaeologists have found evidence of a number of “significant” temple complexes and other structures dating back to the Iron Age at a site in Co. Armagh. Uncovered near the Navan Fort, researches have said that the discovery is of great importance to the country.

One of Ireland’s most famous and important archaeological sites, Navan Fort is an ancient ceremonial monument that was once one of the great royal sites of pre-Christian Ireland.

Using a number of non-invasive methods, the study was headed up by Dr Patrick Gleeson along with a team of academics from Queen’s University in Belfast, the University of Aberdeen and the German Archaeological Institute in Frankfurt.

Speaking on RTE News, Dr Gleeson described the discovery as “quite significant”.

“They’re quite significant, those discoveries. They change the way we view Navan. It is no longer relegated to pre-history. It has a longer history that stretches right into the first millennium, maybe even second millennium AD.”

A place where “myth and reality meet”, Navan Fort is considered to be the ancient capital of Ulster – forming part of a group of five ceremonial centres of prehistoric origin, documented in the medieval period as the capitals of the five fifths that divided Ireland.

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