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06th Oct 2021

A Fungie Memorial is set to take place a year after the dolphin’s disappearance

Katy Thornton

October 17th will mark one year since the Dingle dolphin was last spotted

Fungie the dolphin lived in Dingle Bay for 37 years. Last October he went missing and was unfortunately never found. It’s unknown what happened to him, but Fungie lived a full life and brought a lot of joy to the Dingle residents and tourists alike. On Sunday the 17th October 2021, the Dingle community celebrate his life with a memorial at Dingle Pier.

The people of Ireland, and Dingle especially, were devastated when Fungie went missing last year. He had been around since 1983, and was a lead attraction for tourists. He will be thoroughly missed, and if anyone is in the Dingle area on the 17th they should join the locals in a celebration of his life. There will be free boat trips around the peninsula where Fungie frequented. Donations are welcome and will go towards the charities “The Dingle Coast and Cliff Rescue” and “Mallow Search & Rescue”.

We’ll miss you Fungie. There’ll never be another dolphin like you.

Header image via Shutterstock

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