Calls for outdoor ocean pool to be installed in North Kerry village

By Fiona Frawley

June 16, 2023 at 11:46am


Header image: an example of an ocean pool in Sydney, Australia, via Getty 

"It’s the most logical place to have it".

Locals in the seaside village of Fenit, Co. Kerry believe it's the best location for a 50-metre outdoor ocean pool, due to its reputation as a go-to swimming destination.

Towns including Killarney, Killorglin and Ballybunion have been tipped as potential settings for the proposed pool, but chairman of Fenit Town Hall Michael Moriarity insists Fenit makes the most sense.

Speaking to the Independent, Michael outlined the history of sea-swimming in Fenit and the interest from visitors and locals alike in the tidal pool.

“People visiting Fenit seem to want it, and this has the full support of the local community. It would be a place to enjoy the sea in a controlled environment, and for recovering from sports injuries,” he said.

Fenit's historic diving boards, image via Facebook/Wild Water Adventures

“We have a proud history of swimming in Fenit all year round. We could have anything upwards of 100 swimmers alone in the winter days. Kevin Williams (swimming coach) runs open water swimming lessons there.

“It’s also the place where cross-channel simmer Elaine Burrows-Dillane trains. It’s the most logical place to have it.”

Michael also said that he intends to lobby Fianna Fáil MEP Billy Kelleher about the pool in the hope of securing the necessary funding.

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Ocean pools, or baths as they're more commonly known in Ireland create an environment where swimmers can enjoy the benefits of the sea in a safe, controlled environment, usually with slightly warmer temperatures and without the threat of a jellyfish sting. Last year, Dublin's historic Clontarf Baths reopened to the public after years of being open to members only. Elsewhere, there have been campaigns to reopen other historic baths in the capital such as the Blackrock Baths, which closed as the result of cutbacks and recession in 1987.


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