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17th Jun 2021

The wild boars are here and so are the tweets

Fiona Frawley

Now it’s no 30-50 feral hogs running into the yard while your small kids play, but there is thought to be one large male boar on the run in Kerry following six others being caught.

The people of Kerry have been asked to report any sightings of the animal and to not approach it themselves if they do come across it (not even for an insta with the caption “ran into my ex!” – you’ve been warned).

The boars are actually a native species of county Kerry but have been listed as alien due to potential negative impacts to agriculture.  As a result, six of the seven boars have been “dispatched humanely” including four females and two piglets. It’d kind of break your heart though, look at the lil guys just out for their big walk in the countryside.

They were here for a good time, not a long time and as you can imagine, a large male boar does not simply run wild through Kerry without inspiring a tweet or two:

And of course, a substantial amount of tweets likening the boar to members of a certain family of flat cap wearing politicians, but we wouldn’t be getting involved in all that now.

Header image via Radio Kerry

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