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14th Aug 2019

How To Spend 24 Hours In Lovely Longford

Sarah Finnan

Ireland’s forgotten county has been put firmly back on the map and I am all in favour.

Between local girl-turned-Love Island star Maura Higgins’ rise to fame and an article about the county in British Vogue, Longford is having a moment. Never been? Then this is the perfect time for a road trip, so get in losers, we’re going to Longford.

Find my top five things to see and do below; guaranteed to make your visit a 10/10.

Fabiani Boutique

First and foremost, coffee. Believe me when I say Mudshot, the uber-chic in-store café housed in Fabiani Boutique, has some of the best in town. Serving up everything from womenswear to yoga, this is the place to be if you want to ‘find your centre’ and look damn good doing it.

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Spiral Tree

No visit to Longford would be complete without an outing to Spiral. Kitted out with a light up dancefloor, this place has seen it all.

Usually elbow room only, you’re bound to run into your third year student teacher or those twins you used to babysit back in the day so prepare yourself for some serious nostalgia. Prime location for a post-night out feed too, as the doors are within sight of Supermacs, Luigi’s, Deli Burger and Apache.

Ardagh Village

Three-time tidy town winner Ardagh Village is worth the visit for its cleanliness alone. Based on Swiss design, the houses are full of Alpine charm. Make a stop off at Lyons’ pub for a pint of plain before calling into St. Brigid’s Church to redeem yourself (stunning stained-glass windows even the least religious of us can appreciate!)

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Corlea Trackway and Visitor Centre

Home to an Iron Age bog road, the largest of its kind to be uncovered in Europe, Corlea is a must-do for all you city folk who have never spent a summer footing turf in the bog. Walk across the boglands as you learn about the legend of Midir and Etain, a love story to rival even that of Romeo and Juliet.

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ISPCA Headquarters

Conclude your visit with a stop off at the ISPCA headquarters. Nestled away in Kenagh and just a stone’s throw away from Corlea, the ISPCA holds a special place in my heart as it’s where I found my own furry best friend Tessa (full name Tessa Marie Michael Jackson Finnan… don’t ask).

Call in and get your daily pupper (or kitty cat, or horse…it’s like Noah’s ark down there!) fix. Only downside? You’ll want to bring them all home.

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