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20th Sep 2021

Three otters find a home at a 900 year old castle in Meath

Katy Thornton

And they are absolutely adorable

After months of rehabilitation at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland (WRI) hospital in Meath, these otter pups relocated to Dunsany Estate as part of a rewilding project. Dunsany Estate is 1600 acres and 900 years old, dating back to the 11th Century. The owner of the land, Randall Plunkett, Lord Dunsany, rewilded 750 acres to act as a nature reserve. The otters will stay in the reserve, that used to be tennis courts, while they continue their rehabilitation.

Plunkett is delighted with the project, telling RTÉ News, “we took something broken and wasteful, and turned it into something useful.” The otters are the latest animals to find sanctuary at Dunsany Estate but not the first. Already the estate has been home to foxes, birds, and hedgehogs. The otters will stay at Dunsany Estate until they are ready to go back into the wild.

Aoife McPartlin from the WRI told RTÉ News, “It’s a really lovely environment for the otters and I think they will be very happy here until they are ready to leave, at 12 months old next March.”

Based on the video, they seem to very much enjoy their new home!

Header image via Instagram/rtenews

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