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05th Jul 2021

Have you come across this new cafe in Enfield?

Fiona Frawley

Coffee lovers of Meath, there’s a new spot for you to check out!

Nomad Coffee Bar opened up in Enfield last month and they’ve got something for everyone, from indulgent pastries to healthy açai bowls and most importantly, delicious Mindset Coffee, locally roasted in nearby Trim.

Since opening they’ve been a hit with the locals, particularly the furry ones.

We all love a bitta doggo spam while scrolling through a cafes insta, it’s a lovely touch.

If you’ve a sweet tooth they’ve also got an impressive selection of frappés available with or without coffee, including their own spin on the biscoff latte we’ve seen popping up everywhere recently:

And if you’re looking for a spin on your usual iced latte, check out these colourful healthy versions:

Instagrammable and healthy, you love to see it!

Definitely worth checking out this week for a smoothie, a flattie or a crossaint stick. Yes, you read that right.

Header image via Instagram/Nomad Coffee 

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