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21st Sep 2020

Irish pub looking for food and drink ‘connoisseurs’ to test menu for free ahead of reopening 

Sarah Finnan

food and drink connoisseurs

Dream jobs don’t exi…

One Meath pub is proving that dream jobs do exist, taking to social media to recruit 10 food and drink connoisseurs to do them a little favour ahead of their reopening. While most pubs reopened their doors to the public earlier today, owners at the Royal Meath have decided to wait until October 1st to make sure they’re good and ready.

Confirming that they’re looking for some generous volunteers to help them ensure that the food and drinks menu is up to its usual pre-Covid standard, a post on the pub Facebook page details what exactly is involved.

‘Prior to reopening we are looking for people to make sure our Guinness is up to its usual excellent standard and that our new Gin Menu is perfect!! We are looking for 10 people to bring a friend for a free evening on us. Just tag the friend you would love to bring and we will draw out ten lucky people for a great evening in The Royal!!! Oh and be hungry.’

Be hungry… when am I not?! If Dublin wasn’t on lockdown, I’d most certainly be volunteering to be one of the 10 lucky food and drink connoisseurs. Anyone willing to take one for the team and step up to the plate? Do me proud, ladies and gents.

Header image via Facebook/The Royal Meath Pub

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