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22nd Oct 2021

This Wicklow cafe have just launched a gorge new pizza menu

Fiona Frawley

If there’s one thing there can never be too many of, it’s pizza spots.

Which is why we’re so buzzed to see Opera in Wicklow Town have launched a stunning new pizza menu showcasing the best of Irish ingredients, with vegetarian and vegan options too.

The Wicklow foodie spot just celebrated their first birthday, and the new pizza menu was launched as part of the celebrations. They’ve got all the essentials like good old reliable Margherita, and Diavola for those who like a bitta spice in their lives. Then you have your extra meaty delights for the diehard carnivores like The Chancer, with ‘nduja  sausage (a spicy sausage paste that’s a must have on any modern pizza menu, in my humble O), McCarthy’s roast ham and spicy pulled chicken, all on the one pie. The dream.

As well as pizzas they’ve got a traditional lasagne (you simply can’t beat it), a delish charcuterie board and flavoursome veg cous cous. Something for everyone!

To finish things off, among the dessert menu is a tasty Malteasers cheesecake. And as we all know, Malteasers go well in anything. ESPECIALLY cheesecake.

Opera have their pizza menu available Wednesday – Sunday, 5.30pm-9pm. Definitely one to hit up this weekend!

Header image via Instagram/operawicklow

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