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15th Oct 2021

Watch these Wicklow sheep enjoying a self imposed spa treatment

Katy Thornton

This is unbaalievable

Sorry, that pun makes us seem a bit sheepish (can’t stop, won’t stop) but in all seriousness, we couldn’t stop watching this video. K2 Alpacas normally sticks to, you guessed it, alpaca content and experiences,  but yesterday we got something a little different.

You’ve heard of a mud bath, right? Well these sheep seem to be lapping up the experience, absolutely coated in mud. While the people at K2 Alpacas got the sheep out of there, safe and sound, they do seem to be quite relaxed. Maybe some cucumber slices over the eyes will be enough for the next time the sheep need a little TLC.

Good to know you can see alpacas and sheep on this trek!

Header image via Instagram/k2alpacas

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