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11th Mar 2020

You can find Ireland’s first ‘automatic hotel’ in Bray

Sarah Finnan

Ireland's first automatic hotel

Wicklow is where it’s at.

Firefly is a brand-new hotel in Bray – classed as Ireland’s first automatic hotel, it’s the latest addition to the family-owned group responsible for establishments such as The Martello, The Harbour Bar, Platform Pizza, Box Burger, Cowfish and Ocean Bar and Grill.

Bringing the latest in design, tech and innovation to the heart of the town, it’s described as “the cooler little sister to The Martello”.

What exactly is an automatic hotel though?

Basically it’s a hotel designed to give guests total control of their time away. Kitted out with 18 rooms, self-service check-in technology saves on queuing and delays but what really sets the place apart is the fact that there’s no on-site staff.

Which is somewhat puzzling but promotes the idea that independence comes first. Out of sight but not out of mind as according to the website, the Firefly team have thought of everything to help guests during their stay.

Located only 40 minutes outside Dublin City, it’s just close enough to still allow for a jaunt into town. But between the famous Bray to Greystones walk, the seafront and the unreal foodie options, you’ll have very little to look elsewhere.

We’re intrigued.

Now open for bookings, rooms start at €70 a night.

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