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15th Oct 2021

Adele’s new single is here, and she has not gone easy on us

Fiona Frawley

Please spiral downward into a black hole of emotion in an orderly fashion.

Adele stans all over the world today are cancelling zoom meetings and closing the curtains so they can sit in a dark room and listen to Easy On Me on a loop. It’s called self care, look it up.

Not many artists can go on a six year hiatus and still remain not just relevant, but worshipped. When Adele took to Insta last week to tease the release of her new single, the post quickly racked up over 5 million likes and more than 20 million views. We saw Adele on the cover of Vogue in a yellow dress and curly blow dry, so we went out and got a yellow dress and curly blow dry. What’s there to say? She’s a legend, and icon, and she is the moment.

This morning, the first single from her latest album 30 dropped. Easy On Me is an instant hit. One to belt out in your room after two glasses of pinot grigio, lamenting what could have been with that guy who held the door for you in 2018. Adele has come out the other side of her divorce, and her album promises to be the friend who comes over with wine and a takeaway as we work through our own respective heartbreaks. Naturally, Twitter has responded with gusto. Here are a few of our highlights:

Happy Adele day everyone, and here’s to a surge in views on winged eyeliner tutorial vids.

Header image via Instagram/adele

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