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20th Oct 2021

Daniel O’Donnell’s new music video, and why it’s the boost we as a country need

Fiona Frawley

Not to state the obvious or anything, but it’s been a rough couple of years.

In the depths of the dreary lockdowns of January and February you may have found yourself thinking – “If only Daniel O’Donnell would bring out some new music. Something uptempo with a music video showcasing classic DO’D moves and a colourful dream sequence”. Well gals, he’s only gone and done it.

The video for his new song Down at the Lah De Dah premiered on Youtube last week, and it’s everything you could have hoped for.

It’s got wee Daniel working a 9-5, dreaming of a tropical getaway. It’s got a getting ready sequence that I’m taking it upon myself to assume was filmed in his actual bathroom (Daniel would deffo use Sensodyne, don’t you think?) And it’s got a cartoony, colourful holiday dream world that Daniel shimmies his way through while an octopus plays guitar. He gives the people what they want.

Naturally, Irish Twitter has exploded with appreciation. Daniel appeals to audiences young and old, and his sense of humour can be seen throughout the vid. We can’t get enough, obviously.

The freshly-ignited Daniel hype also led to the rediscovery of this gem from the lives himself and Majella would put on over lockdown.

Feeling blessed.

Header image via Youtube

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