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19th Oct 2021

Hozier’s teasing something big, but he’s not giving too much away

Fiona Frawley

Could be new music, could be a new haircut. Who can really say.

As one person guessed on insta – “holy sh*t, did he finally make it to the church?” In fairness, that’d surely be a monumental moment in his career.

The Bray native (who earlier this year surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify) took to Twitter and Insta this week to share a snap of him looking typically enigmatic in the grounds of a cathedral, with the cryptic caption: “Working on something cool right now and can’t wait to share”. As the viral TikTok sound says – “What does it MEAN?”

Could it be that Hozier saw Adele recording a new album, so he went out and recorded a new album? A gal can dream, eh.

In the absence of any solid confirmation in terms of what the “something cool” might be, Twitter is naturally overflowing with guesses and hot takes. As you’d imagine.

As of now, Twitter’s guess is as good as ours. More news as we have it. Until then, we’ll be listening to his self titled first album on repeat, and perspicuously searching the Wicklow woodlands in the hopes of finding him in his natural habitat. It’s actually an act of self care.

Header image via Instagram/hozier 

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