24 of the most TikTok-able restaurants in Ireland to check out

By Katy Thornton

October 13, 2023 at 2:31pm


If you're glued to the app like the rest of us, you're going to want to pop into a few of these.

Influencer marketing agency Ubiquitous recently completed a study looking for the top restaurants around the world according to TikTok. The study found that Amy Austin in Dublin, which is Ireland's number one most TikTok-able restaurant, appears on the Global Top 25 list as well (at number 24). This list consists of spots such as Nobu in Singapore, Karen's Diner in Australia (which is coming to Ireland soon) and Alchemist in Denmark.

You can check out their entire research HERE, especially if you're flying to one of these places soon and want to create some killer content. If you're staycationing in Ireland however, these are the Top 25 most TikTok-able restaurants to check out.

Top 25 Most TikTok-able Restaurants in Ireland

  1. Amy Austin, Dublin
  2. Pink, Dublin
  3. Terra Madre, Dublin
  4. Cluck Chicken, Dublin
  5. Pullman Restaurant, Galway
  6. Krewe, Dublin
  7. Okura, Cork
  8. Lignum, Galway
  9. Isabelle's, Dublin
  10. Wings, Dublin
  11. The Martello, Wicklow
  12. The Palm, Wicklow
  13. The Caddy Shack, Kerry
  14. The Bowery, Antrim
  15. Mickey Ryan's, Tipperary
  16. Hang Dai, Dublin
  17. Nannetti's, Dublin
  18. Fasta, Dublin (Closed as of December 2022)
  19. The Misunderstood Heron, Galway
  20. House, Antrim
  21. Grano, Dublin
  22. Mint Leaf, Dublin
  23. 3 Levels, Antrim
  24. Piglet, Dublin
  25. The Jungle Café, Galway (temporarily closed)

As you can see Dublin dominates the list, with the top four restaurants coming from our capital city. Galway secures 5th place with Pullman Restaurant, 8th place with Lignum, 19th with The Misunderstood Heron, and 25th with The Jungle Café (which is temporarily closed). Antrim and Wicklow also have a few entries, while Tipperary scores 15th with Mickey Ryan's, Kerry has The Caddy Shack in 13th, and Cork has Okura in 7th.

Senior Director of Growth at Ubiquitous, Jeremy Boudinet, says this:

"Food is one of the highest searched for items on TikTok with over 422.2million hashtags, meaning it’s no surprise that restaurants and bars are starting to design their venues with ‘TikTok-ability’ and ‘trend factor’ in mind."

I mean, if I see a restaurant appear on my For You page, I'm instantly more likely to visit that restaurant.


Header images via Instagram / The Palm Bray & / Hang Dai Chinese


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