Griolladh officially launch two new toastie spots in Cork

By Katy Thornton

November 16, 2023 at 3:32pm


God-tier toasties have landed in the Rebel County.

Griolladh can't stop and won't stop. It's been go-go-go for the Dublin toastie spot since they first launched amid covid lockdowns, and they have only thrived since the country returned to semi-normality.

They have changed the toastie game, beginning when both co-owners were furloughed from their hospitality jobs - Jack Brennan from General Manager of Xico and Jacob Long tending Dublin-based bars. Over the last three years Griolladh have popped up in several spots around the country; they currently have three locations in Dublin, and just launched a food truck in the heart of Kildare outlet village.

Two new toastie spots

Griolladh teased their arrival in Ireland's Rebel County last month, but we were happily surprised when the toastie business revealed they had opened not one, but two new spots.


This month, Griolladh have launched at Marina Market, alongside fellow Dublin business The Saucy Cow, as well as Douglas Village, ideal for all the hungry shoppers this side of Christmas.

If you've never sunk your teeth into the crispy exterior but gooey interior of a Griolladh toastie, then you're missing out on a god-tier lunch item. Their POTATO-O offering is particularly delicious, even placing as 14th on our list of the top sandwiches to get in Dublin. Carbs on carbs is always a winner.

Griolladh's classic ham and cheese, or just cheese if you like your sambos simple, are also great options, and don't get us started on their range of dips. Two words. Gravy mayo.

And if those don't tickle your fancy, Griolladh have collabed with Clonakilty for a limited edition toastie in honour of their move. The Corker consists of grilled organic sourdough, Griolladh’s signature cheese blend, Clonakilty black pudding, marinated red onion, seasonal slaw, and the secret sambo sauce.

Header images via Instagram / Griolladh



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