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04th Mar 2021

The Cadbury’s Paddy Box is back once again this year

Sarah Finnan

Cadbury's Paddy Box

Chocoholics will love the Cadbury’s Paddy Box.

Living abroad definitely has its perks, especially if you find yourself somewhere warm and sunny with a sandy beach nearby to make use of on your days off.

But,  that being said, there are also certain downfalls that come with the territory – namely limited access to your favourite treats. Think teabags, Irish butter, cheddar cheese, Dairy Milk.

Enter, the Paddy Box, who has teamed up with Cadbury’s for the second year in a row bringing us a limited-edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Box.

Organised to celebrate Paddy’s Day – which is just under two weeks away – Cadbury’s has also released Dairy Milk packaging as Gaeilge in honour of the occasion.

Filled to the brim with all different varieties of Dairy Milk bars, it’s exactly the type of gift chocolate lovers dream about and you’re sure to be very popular with whoever you choose to send one to. Featuring all of the 8-square range, inside you’ll find options such as Golden Crisp, Whole Nut and even Turkish Delight.

Free to order, you only have to pay €20 to cover the delivery fee (available to ship worldwide).

Selling out in record time, Cadbury has promised hungry shoppers that they’ll see what they can do about getting more stock so be sure to keep an eye on their socials for more info. You wouldn’t want to miss out a second time, now would you?!

Also offering people the chance to pick up a free Bainne Déiríochta (that’s Dairy Milk in Irish) gift box, you can get one when you purchase any four bars in-store – with Cadbury Ireland making a donation to their charity partner Aware for every box gifted too.

All the more reason to stick the kettle on and tuck into a post-lunch bar of chocolate, no? Fruit & Nut all the way.

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