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08th Dec 2017

Apparently This Is The Perfect Morning Routine To Maximise Your Productivity

James Fenton

Having one of those lazy, scroll social media kinda days? Got a list as long as your arm of things you had to do today but haven’t gotten round to? Scientists reckon they’ve got just the hacks you need to make your days more productive. 

Tom Corley, an expert on habits and wealth creation, researched 233 wealthy individuals to find out the keys to their success. He found that 50% of them wake up a whole three hours before the workday starts as it gives them time to clear their minds and attack the day ahead. 

According to TIME Magazine, Corley identified five hacks which will help you use your time more productively:

Wake up a lot earlier

Try and get to bed early so you can get your full recommended sleep cycle before waking up. 

Meditate as soon as you can

Meditating for 30 minutes allows you to focus on the day ahead.

Get your exercise in early

Virgin founder Richard Branson, who hasn’t done badly for himself, wakes up at 5am for his exercise routine which he says allow him to “achieve twice as much.”

Eat a smarter breakfast

A high-protein breakfast, such as eggs, will help reduce the urge for snacks throughout the day. 

Handle your toughest task first

If you begin your day by conquering your greatest challenge, this will provide the feel-good factor to get through the rest of the day. 

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