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06th Dec 2017

Strike4Repeal Has Announced Plans For A New National Strike

James Fenton

Strike4Repeal has announced plans to organise a fresh national strike if the Government doesn’t commit to a referendum on repealing the eighth amendment. 

In a post on Twitter, the activist group warned that a potential strike could take place at one week’s notice. 

They wrote:

‘Strike4Repeal are launching plans for a national strike if the Government does not commit to a clear yes or no question on a referendum to repeal the eighth amendment.

‘Should it become clear that the Dáil debate on the Joint Oireachtas Committee’s recommendations that the Government will ignore this demand, we will shut down the country in a national strike for repeal at a week’s notice.’

The full post can be read in the below tweet… 

As well as the calls on the Government, Strike4Repeal has asked the public to pledge that they are prepared to strike if requirements are not met.

‘We are also calling on the Government to provide for free, safe and legal abortion services on request in Ireland. This is essential for all women and pregnant people to ensure their right to reproductive healthcare is guaranteed, regardless of circumstances.”

“By taking this pledge you are telling the Government that you are prepared to strike if these requirements are not met. Should it become clear during the Dáil debate on the referendum that they intend to water down our rights, we will contact you with at least one week’s notice to announce the date for a national strike.”

“Every pledge will send a clear message that we won’t wait any longer. Now is the time for repeal and full abortion rights in Ireland.’

On March 8 of this year, cities around Ireland and beyond came to a standstill as 12,000 people marched in solidarity with Irish women. 

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