Irish Public Issued Warning Ahead Of Heatwave-Like Weather

Things are getting serious.

Sun April

With heatwave-like weather heading for Ireland in the coming days, experts are warning the Irish public to be extremely sun smart while sunbathing and being out and about in the heat.

Liz Yeates, CEO, Marie Keating Foundation and skin cancer survivor, said on her website that people need to be extremely careful and not to strip down to nothing, avoiding protection just to get that golden tan:

"As a nation we love to get out when the sun shines, but it is important that we look after our skin and follow the SunSmart code. These are easy steps anyone can take to help protect their skin from sun damage and ensure we enjoy the sun safely."

As well as this, Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Patrick Ormond added that: "Skin cancer is the most common cancer in Ireland. Skin cancers are divided into two main types: melanoma and non-melanoma. Non-melanoma skin cancer has over 9,780 cases diagnosed every year and over 1,000 melanoma cancers are diagnosed annually. This is why using the SunSmart code and being vigilant in checking your skin is vital to preventing skin cancer."

The SunSmart code that he's on about has five rules: Always wear sunscreen and protective clothing, choose a sunscreen with good protection against UVA rays and with a high SPF, never use sunbeds and avoid the sun between peak hours, 11am to 3pm.

For more information on skin cancer here.

Don't be sun stupid this summer, be sun smart.

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