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14th Jul 2021

In your thirties and still figuring your sh*t out? This advice will hit you right in the feels

Lynda Keogh

Anyone turning thirty this year? Or already a year or five in?

Thirty is one of those ‘milestone’ ages. Turning thirty can undoubtedly be daunting; feeling like you should / have to have your sh*t together, you’re comparing where you are in life to others you went to school or college with, you’re not exactly where you expected yourself to be by this age.

She’s the sister we never had, and that friend that isn’t afraid to be unashamedly embraces her weird side. As if we couldn’t love her any more, Roz Purcell’s latest post hit. us. right. in. the. feels. Yesterday, the author, foodie and outdoor enthusiast knowledge-bombed us with her real talk and advice about turning the big (and sometimes dreaded) three oh.

Asking her female followers over 40 on Instagram for advice for anyone turning thirty or in their thirties. And well, it was much needed and appreciated by many. At the time of writing, this post has over 12,500 likes and hundreds of comments. It’s safe to say this post FLEW around WhatsApp groups too!

The advice ranged from don’t settle for someone because you ‘think its the right time‘ to ‘love and appreciate the body you have, because you’ll look back and wish you did‘ – to one VERY important piece of advice on the most neglected exercise ever; Kegels.

Check out more below!

Lead Image via Instagram/rozannapurcell

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