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14th Dec 2021

This Irish artist has created a unique illustration for each county in Ireland

Fiona Frawley

Paul Broughall’s paintings inspired by the shape of each county in Ireland go viral every time he shares them, so we’re hopping on the bandwagon so everyone has a chance to see their home county in a whole new light.

Have you ever looked at a map of Ireland and thought Cavan looks like a wee elephant, or that Kilkenny strongly resembles an Irish Granny waving goodbye? Well my friend, you’re not alone.

Irish artist Paul Broughall has created a unique illustration for every county in Ireland, inspired by their shape. For example, his native Kildare looked to him like a rich lady from a Disney movie, so he came up with this:

Curious as to what your home county was transformed into? Here are all 32 illustrations:

Cork: A Friendly Giant

Wicklow: A Tiger

Antrim: A Lion

Roscommon: A fairy flying while carrying her pet pig

Down: A Sloth

Louth: A Dinosaur sitting down banging its drum.

Monaghan: A fairy queen carrying her pet miniature elephant

Leitrim: A man on his hunkers taking in his surroundings

Cavan: A miniature elephant

Tyrone: An ancient warrior woman

Derry: An ancient king

Kilkenny: An Irish granny waving

Fermanagh: A magical goblin that lives in the woods but loved by all

Sligo: A mouse riding on the back of an ancient dinosaur

Donegal: A fiery bird whose flames light the way for people at sea

Armagh: A Donkey

Galway: A Pirate queen

Tipperary: A man taking a rest by a rock

Mayo: An ancient high king

Westmeath: An ancient wolf

Longford: A Pirate

Offaly: A man sitting on a mushroom

Meath: An ancient fairy king

Wexford: A witch

Carlow: An annoyed dinosaur

Clare: A mythological creature looking out onto the Atlantic

Laois: An old Irish wolfhound

Waterford: A mythological winged beast

Limerick: A mythological horned beast

Kerry: An ancient King

Dublin: A green goblin man

If you’re a fan of Paul’s mythical take on the map of Ireland, you can purchase a print of the entire country, or just of your own county HERE. A gorgeous present for someone living far away from home, or any lovers of Irish illustration!

Header image via Twitter/PaulieBroughall

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