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01st Oct 2021

You can buy a necklace version of the nudey candles everyone’s obsessed with

Fiona Frawley

And she’s classy AF.

Over the last year or so, candles moulded into artful naked female busts have filled the mantlepieces of bloggers and glam gals across the country. You know the ones. They’re an absolute vibe tbf.

If you’re into this aesthetic, you might be a fan of this dotey necklace by Irish jeweller Rudies and Co, who create charmingly rude jewellery in their Stoneybatter studio.

How cute is she? This little goddess is made from a durable stainless steel, making her waterproof, sea swim proof, and sweat proof. It’s the kind of security we need from our bling.

The goddess would make a stunning present (for anyone looking to start preparing early for…. that holiday that happens in December), or a gorge treat to yourself.

Rudies and Co also has loads of other gorge jewels embellished with some of our favourite Irish sayings, as well as some of the sayings we murmur under our breath at various stages throughout the day. They’ve even got alternate spellings of certain phrases on each side of some of their pendants. One side for mass, one side for drinks with the gals. It’s perfect.

Have a creep of their Insta, and see the rest of their cheeky but cute bits. We’re a fan.

Header image via Shutterstock & Instagram/rudiesandco

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