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A Wheelchair-User Was Robbed By Two Men In Broad Daylight This Week

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We hear awful news stories on a daily basis but this is one of the worst that we’ve heard in a while. 

Eoin Harte (31) was enjoying the sun in Carlow when he was approached by two men, who went on to disable his wheelchair, rummage through his belongings and steal his wallet

His sister Roisin told KCLR 96FM that the thieves “jumped down behind and switched his power chair to manual and left him powerless, so immediately he got a a fright because he didn’t know what was going on”.

She continued to slam the attack as “cowardly” but vowed that it wouldn’t discourage Eoin from living his life independently.

“This isn’t the first time, it has happened to him before. Obviously he is in shock, because he was so defenceless. It’s so cowardly. He’ll continue to go around the community that he was born and raised in.

“He will continue to be independent. It’s a very disgusting act.”

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