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04th Jan 2024

The 5 NCT centres in Ireland with the highest failure rates

Katy Thornton

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Close to half off all vehicles that had their NCT in 2023 failed.

A report by the Irish Independent on Wednesday, January 3, showed that a total of 1.5 million vehicles took part in the National Car Testing service last year, with 747,820 not passing the full test.

The NCT service has also revealed which test centres rank highest for failures out of the 50 around Ireland, with Cavan NCT Centre claiming top spot with a 59% failure rate.

Here are the top NCT failure hotspots as over half of tests failed last year

The second highest ranked centre for failures was Derrybeg NCT Centre in Donegal at 56%.

This was followed by Navan and Ballina at 55% each, with Clifden in Galway coming in at fifth-highest with 54%.

Steering and suspension problems were the main reason for failures in 2023, accounting for a total of 14.6% of failures.

Lighting and electrical issues were close behind, accounting for 14.3%, followed by the side flip test (simulating driving on a straight, flat road without touching the steering wheel for a full kilometre) at 11.7%, wheels and tyres at 10% and the brake test at 9.6%.

Brought into action in 2000, the NCT was designed to reduced road accidents and fatalities by identifying defects such as faulty brakes and worn tyres.

However, with the failure rate at 59% in his constituency, Cavan councillor Shane O’Reilly has said the test now needs to be re-evaluated.

Speaking on Newstalk Breakfast on Thursday morning, Councillor O’Reilly said: “A 50% fail rate throughout the length and breadth of the country shows perhaps the NCT in its current guise is not fit for purpose.

“There is no doubt the NCT has taken quite a few jalopies off the road and very unsafe cars that had not been checked,” he continued. “However, I do believe the NCT now is looking at things within the realms of its terms of reference that are not really going to lead to driver safety.”

The NCT, which is operated by Spanish company Applus, has come under increased scrutiny recently. Last year, the service operator rolled back on plans to go completely cashless after a major national backlash.

This article originally appeared on JOE 

Header image via NCT Facebook

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