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28th Nov 2022

American fast food chain Wendy’s is set to enter the Irish market

Katy Thornton

Wendy’s re-entered the UK market last year, with 25 restaurants currently open.

We always get a little excited when an American fast food chain arrives on the Emerald Isle. Who can forget the one day In-N-Out event of last year? Well, talk of Wendy’s arrived in Ireland first circulated last year, and now it appears they’re getting more serious about the venture into the Irish market.

According to RTÉ News, Wendy’s are “actively seeking well-established franchisee candidates in Ireland that have strong operations experience, local development expertise, ambition to grow quickly and a proven track record of growing brands here.” Wendy’s has over 7,000 restaurants worldwide.

Like all our fave fast food restaurants, Wendy’s focus on burgers, fries, and shakes, and we cannot wait to add another spot to our list of go-tos.

Wendy’s were supposed to enter the Irish market in 2022, according to the Irish Mirror, but must have met some delays. If all goes to their original plan, we can expect to see 50 restaurants open across Ireland and the UK. We are certainly interested to see what Wendy’s will bring to the Irish fast food scene and will wait with anticipation for further news of their opening.

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