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Here’s When To Take Your Annual Leave In 2019 To Get The Most Days Off

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There are nine public holidays in the 2019 calendar but here’s how to make your annual leave stretch that little bit further.

Okay, so we hate to break it to you but one of your public holidays has already come and gone in the form of New Year’s Day but not to panic.

There are four fixed bank holiday dates in Ireland every year: New Year’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Christmas Day and St Stephen’s Day.

These dates never change, well once in a blue moon Paddy’s Day might change but only if it clashes with Easter Sunday or Good Friday.

Easter Monday is tricky and can fall in either March or April and while schools and banks are off on Good Friday, it is not a public holiday.

So, here’s the bank holidays left for 2019:

  • Easter Monday – Monday April 22
  • May public holiday – Monday May 6
  • June public holiday – Monday June 3
  • August public holiday – Monday August 5
  • October public holiday – Monday October 28
  • Christmas Day – Wednesday December 25
  • St Stephen’s Day – Thursday December 26

You might get Good Friday off with work, you may not, but regardless, the following Monday is a bank holiday.

So, there’s the possibility of a four-day stretch there using only one annual leave day.

Between Tuesday April 23 and Friday May 3, there are nine working days. The following Monday is a Bank Holiday (May 6).

This means that from April 19 until Tuesday May 7, it’s possible to get 18 days off in a row while only using 9 leave days (possibly 10 if you don’t get Good Friday off).

Get your holiday forms in before the rest of the office ASAP.

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