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15th Dec 2023

‘After a lot of thought and consideration’ Aslan will continue with new singer

Katy Thornton

“Through this they hope to do Christy proud.”

Irish rock band Aslan have made a statement announcing they intend for the band to continue following the death of Christy Dignam in June.

Aslan won’t perform at the Christy Dignam tribute concert, which is set to take place in Dublin in May of next year, but they have announced that they will continue with a new singer.


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A statement was made on Instagram earlier today outlining the band’s next moves and how they plan to proceed without their lead singer.

“We have been asked by some media and some loyal Aslan fans if they remaining members of the band will be playing at a tribute gig for Christy that was announced this morning. We wanted to just let everyone know that the lads are not involved with the event. Christy’s family have organised it and we wish them well with the event held in his memory.

“Alan, Joe, and Billy, have spent the last number of months grieving the loss of their dear friend and band mate. They have been trying, and continue to try to find their own way of coming to terms with their huge loss.

“They have decided, after a lot of thought and consideration to continue with Aslan, playing their music and performing for their loyal and loving fans. Through this they hope to do Christy proud. After sharing the same staff with him for over four decades things will never be the same without him by their side.

“The lads have decided to embark on a new chapter and to mark that there will be a new singer joining them. In no way are they a replacement for Christy as this is absolutely impossible, there will never be another Christy Dignam.”

The announcement was met with mixed responses online – some think it is too soon to consider continuing with Aslan, others don’t like the idea of Christy being replaced with someone new. However, there are also a lot of positive comments about the band’s future, with many wishing them well.

According to their statement, you can expect “exciting plans” from Aslan in 2024.

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