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18th Oct 2018

These Five Items Will Never Ever Be Sold In Aldi Ireland And Here’s Why

Darragh Berry

Adrian Christie, Aldi’s Head of Customer Service has revealed the items that will never, ever be sold in the shop and we’re kind of surprised.

He told that there is five items that will never feature on the shelves in any Aldi store.

Christie said installing a bakery for freshly baked bread would take up too much space in the shops and would make life too complex for the customer.

“There is no way we could pass on that price of adding complexity to our business and hit the hip pocket of our customers, so we focus on keeping things simple.”

Keeping life simple, means that you’ll never see Aldi operating a Sushi bar either.

Again, the bars are too big and would take up a large area that could be used to feature other products.

Thirdly, unlike other major chains, Aldi won’t sell music. In fact, if you listen carefully in their shops, they don’t even play any music in the backroom.

“You won’t hear music in our stores because music is often a tactic to make you relax and linger. But that’s a cost, so we strip that out and make our store’s simplistic.”

The effort of prepping and cooking chickens isn’t worth it either according to Aldi and also, the company refuse to start loyalty programs.

Despite calls for a loyalty scheme to be set up by the company, Christie believes that “a loyalty program is great for insights that can manipulate and can help shape the market. But in terms of value, is that value for the customer or for the shareholder.

“Loyalty schemes entice you to spend more, so customers need to realise what they are giving up for the rewards.”

So there you have it, you’ll never see these things in Aldi, ever.

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