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20th Dec 2016

Beauty Products Have Expiry Dates And We Never Even Knew…


Ok, ok, so maybe this has been obvious to everyone else BUT us …

(A likely story, to be honest).

It turns out beauty products don’t actually last forever, like we’ve been in denial about, they actually have expiry dates, just like food. 


Ikr? Mind = blown.

We obviously copped that we should be replacing our beauty products regularly before they get minging, but we certainly didn’t realise that they actually have set timelines for when stuff needs to be binned.

You know that little open pot on the back of your foundation? With the number inside? That’s how many months of use you’ll get out of that bad boy before you should consider replacing it.


Credit: Pinterest

It’s called the ‘period after opening symbol’ (or PAO to his mates). All products must have the symbol on them, unless they have a shelf life over 30 months.

Always read the label folks!

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