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23rd Nov 2018

This Famous GAA Player’s Nickname Caused A “Security Alert” On Flight To Cork From Cardiff

Darragh Berry

It’s like that old Brendan Grace joke about seeing Jack Charlton on a plane in the early 90s and screaming ‘Hi, Jack” at him for ages to no avail.

This famous Kerry legend was not only known for having one of the best pegs in the business but also having a fantastic nickname

In an amazing 15-year career with Kerry, Eoin Liston scooped up seven All-Irelands, 9 Munster medals as well as four all stars.

He was with the green and gold from 1978 to 1993 and at 6ft 3, was a terror to defences around the country.

The Beale man was lethal in front of the posts and in 39 championship appearances for The Kingdom, he scored 20 goals and 50 points.

That stat alone just shows you that the man didn’t opt for punting over the black spot. Oh no, if a goal could be sought, he was going for the back of the net.

His lethal eye in front of goal meant he picked up the nickname ‘The Bomber’. He was called this after Gerd Muller, a prolific German striker who had inherited the same nickname for his many goals with Bayern Munich and West Germany.

Now, roaring Bomber on a GAA pitch, or in a pub down in Kerry is all well and good but doing it on a flight across the ocean, probably not the best idea.

On a recent flight from Cardiff to Cork, Liston was on his way home from a stag when someone kept calling him by his nickname.

A source told that:

“Someone kept calling out to bomber Liston across the plane on the way home. Eventually the air hostess confronted them. They had to go into the cockpit to the pilots to explain that it was a nickname.

“Pilots were writing it all down. They said they had planned to divert back to Cardiff and had a load of cops waiting on the runway. There was also GardaĆ­ apparently waiting on the runway in Cork then as well”

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