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25th Oct 2017

Bryan Dobson Bid Farewell On RTE Six One Tonight And It All Got A Bit Emotional


It’s the end of an era as Bryan Dobson did his last ever bulletin on RTE Six One news.

Dobbo has been co-anchoring the programme since 1996, and his face has become a familiar sight as he delivered the biggest and most breaking news stories into Irish living rooms for over a decade.

But tonight, it was an emotional farewell that he delivered.

Sharon Ní Bheoláin kicked off the feels with a moving message before an on screen tribute played, saying:

“You’ve been a rock to us, figuratively and literally… I not going to look at you now because I know I’m going to get all teary. From my point of view, you’ve been a great friend and mentor and I’m sure the whole country joins me this evening in wishing you the very best.”

And then it was time for Bryan Dobson to say goodbye…

It left pretty much everyone who saw it teary eyed

“Thank you Sharon for your very kind words, and it was wonderful working with you… It’s been a blast. I hate to go, but I’m afraid I have to. So thank you, and goodnight.”

He’ll be missed, and will be a welcome addition at his new role with Morning Ireland.

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