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29th Jan 2019

PICS: These Charts Show Which Parts Of Ireland Are Most At Risk Of Snow Later This Week

James Fenton

The snow has well and truly landed here in Ireland with some places being hit worse than others. With a weather warning in place until Saturday, the question on everyone’s lips now appears to be “how many days are we getting off work?”

The answer may well depend on how sound your boss is but judging by these charts issued by Carlow Weather, a large chunk of the country will be hit by snowfall in the coming days and on Thursday in particular.

According to the weather guru, blue indicates rain in the below pics while pink indicates sleet or snow and by the looks of things there will be plenty of the latter sweeping across the country over the next couple of days.

Screen Shot 2019 01 29 At 21 21 32
Screen Shot 2019 01 29 At 21 23 03
Screen Shot 2019 01 29 At 21 25 41

The Facebook post adds that ‘Details still hard to forecast but certainly a risk of disruptive snow in some areas with high ground at highest risk.’

If you fancy a couple of days on the sofa, or indeed sharpening your snowman-making skills, then you might just be in luck.

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