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13th Jul 2022

Competition entrant dies after downing a bottle of Jagermeister in under two minutes

Emily Mullen

The man was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead

A man in South Africa has died after downing an entire bottle of Jagermeister in under two minutes during a binge drinking competition.

Police in Limpopo, South Africa, have launched an investigation after a man, who is believed to be aged between 25 and 30, died during a drinking competition. The currently unnamed man was looking to win a cash prize given to those who can down the bottle in two minutes at a local liquor store in Mashamba village.

The prize money was reportedly R200 – which equates to just under £10.

Videos from social media show the gent drinking without pausing to sounds of cheers and clapping. The man collapsed following his victory and was taken to the hospital, where he later passed away.

“One of them immediately collapsed thereafter and was taken to the local clinic, where he was certified dead,” spokesperson Brig Motlafela Mojapelo told local outlet Sowetan Live.

Binge drinking is described as “having a lot of alcohol in a short space of time”, according to the charity Drink Aware. Our bodies can typically process one unit of alcohol per hour, though this differs slightly between people. By flooding your system with high amounts of booze, you put yourself at greater risk of developing alcohol poisoning and long-term health issues.

“When you drink alcohol, it goes straight into your bloodstream and is carried to the brain. Vision can blur, co-ordination decreases, and memory is impaired,” Martin Preston from rehab retreat Delamere told The Mirror. “Binge drinking can also cause people to black out.”

Preston also said that binge drinking could wreak havoc on your kidneys and stop “certain hormones from being produced that will help your kidneys put water back into your body.”

“When alcohol suppresses hormones it can cause dehydration which may contribute to how bad a hangover you have the next day,” he added.

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