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29th Sep 2018

PICS: Conor McGregor Just Donated A Huge Amount To Fund Irish Boy’s Life-Saving Treatment

Kiara Keane

Conor McGregor has just made a huge donation a family from Louth to help pay for their child’s life-saving medical treatment.

Grainne McCullough had set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for her five-year-old son Bryan, who is currently on dialysis.

He went into septic shock last year which left him needing dialysis and blood transfusions, as reported by The Sun.

Bryan’s mother told them, “He cannot walk and is fed through a tube, he has the nasal tube since September.

“I’m trying to get money to get him to a private consultant who will look after him medically and fit the tube in his belly.”

Conor McGregor has now donated €10,000 to help pay for Bryan’s treatment after hearing about the young boy’s serious illness.

Grainne added: “Conor has made our dreams come true in so many ways, and I can verify it wasn’t for a publicity stunt, he privately donated to us, I just had to let him know how much we appreciate it.”