PIC: Croatia Scored Their Winning Goal In The '19:16' Minute Of Extra-Time Against England

We'll just leave this here...

England V Croatia Winning Goal

We know we may seem like sore losers because of the way we've made fun of England's exit from the World Cup.

It is a bit hypocritical considering most of us go over numerous times a year to support clubs in the UK but it didn't stop people online going crazy and making the same cruel joke about their defeat.

Although England looked like they had the game sewn up in the first half, they only managed one killer goal and the second '45 was all Croatia.

They brought the Southgate and Co to extra-time and the game looked to be heading for penalties, something which the English didn't fear anymore after they broke their penos curse against Columbia.

But then, Mario Mandzukic popped up to break English hearts with a goal that will go down in Croatia history as they reach their first ever final...

It's no secret that Croatia had a lot of Irish support behind them last night and one eagle-eyed new supporter noticed that the Mandzukic's men scored at a very noteworthy time...

"What a time to score, just saying".

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