Video Shows Violent Scenes On Dublin Bus As Woman "Chokes" Man Over Alleged Robbery

The video contains violent scenes which some viewers will find distressing

Dublin Bus Choking Video Main

Footage circulating on social media on Monday night shows violent scenes occuring on Dublin Bus.

The footage, which is just under two minutes long, shows a fight between a man and two women.

One of the women allegedly claimed that the man in question had robbed €50 off her on the bus.

The incident took place on the number 4 bus.

An onlooker said that "A kerfuffle begins upstairs as we approach O'Connell Street. Two women and a man fall down the stairs shouting.

"The woman wearing the hat woman attempts to muster a mob by saying 'please help me, he robbed my €50' she then turns around to him and says 'give me back my fuppin €50'.

"The man and women begin to get violent while they attempt to detain him by choking each other. The man flees the bus and the women follow after him. One minute later the women come back on the bus covered in blood saying 'he busted me face in'".

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