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30th Nov 2018

This Dublin Eviction Story Is Extremely Frightening And Something That Everyone Renting Should Know About

Darragh Berry

An Irish eviction story has been circulating online and it is honestly the most frightening read for anyone who’s renting at the moment.

Redbullbar, a reddit user, said that they and their housemates were aggressively kicked out of their house in Dublin last night.

Here’s their story:

“At about 7.30 over 10-12 large men dressed in black clothes and black wooly hats smashed through the hall windows and door, burst into the house kicked in the bedroom doors and forced the 4 of us into the garden.

“Nearly all our belongings are still in the house and they have told us we would have to contact the landlord to get it back. The garda arrived up and said it was a civil matter & did nothing.

“I moved into the house 4 months ago, the owner and 1 other person were living there and 2 rooms were available.

“I took one, my housemate took the other and we signed a 6-month contract. At the start of this month the owner, who’s in his late 50s said he was going to rent out the big room on the 3rd floor & move in with family so a new lad took the top floor.

“Two weeks ago some bloke claiming to be an agent of the landlord who I’ve never seen before knocked on the door demanding €2400 rent which was already paid.

“He showed no proof of who he was and clearly trying to intimidate us. He went on to say the man I thought was the owner had just been a tenant and no rent had been paid if we wanted to stay we would have to pay a higher rate of €2800 + €2400 that was missing and make the decision by tomorrow.

“He stormed off out of the house after I told him to f*** off and when he rang the next day. I told him to get the landlord to contact us directly we wouldn’t deal with him.

“He then arrived back up with 1 month notice of eviction letters stating we had until 17th of Dec to leave.

“Even though I had never met him the new guy that just moved in dealt with him through and was told by him to pay all his rent and deposit etc to the man who just vanished .

“The whole thing is dodgy as f***. Two days later I got a threatening phone call saying we had until tomorrow at 1 to leave the house or we would be forced out so we went to the guards and made statements about the whole situation and we were told it was illegal and they could not do it.

“The house was put on a warning list so if we called the guards, [they] would know what was happening.

“Nobody ever turned up and I thought it was just a threat and we had until the 17th at least until I heard the windows in the hall being smashed out and screaming.

“We’re now homeless, got no deposit back to put towards a new room and all our gear is still in the house .

“Is there anything that can be done? Has anyone else had something similar happen to them? The garda did nothing.”

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