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23rd Jun 2023

862,500 Freddo bars: Everything Ryan Tubridy could’ve bought with the extra money from RTÉ

Katy Thornton

ryan tubridy rté

The former Late Late Show host was revealed to have been overpaid by over €300k over six years.

It’s been a big news week to the say the least. The only thing that could tear our attention away from the Titanic submersible story was that RTÉ admitted to overpaying Ryan Tubridy by €345,000 (which would have gotten Tubridy a place on the fated OceanGate vessel with a lot of money to spare).

With the extra money he received from RTÉ, Ryan Tubridy could also have purchased 862,500 Freddo bars (and more if it’d been a couple of years ago).

Which got us thinking. What else could Tubs have bought with the extra €345,000 he received from RTÉ.

We did the calculations so you don’t have to.

Tesco Meal Deals

€4.49 each

76,837 Tesco Meal Deals

Cans of Dutch Gold

€5 for a four-pack

69,000 four-packs

276,000 cans of Dutch Gold

Nagins of vodka

€6.65 for a nagin of Huzar

51,880 nagins

Penneys False Nails

€1.50 a pack

230,000 packs of Penneys False Nails

A nice home outright in Dublin

Ryan would have a good bit of choice when it comes to homes coming in under €345,000; he might even have some cash leftover for the other things on this list.

Pints in Temple Bar

The price of pints in Temple Bar vary wildly, with some consumers paying more than €8 for a pint of plain.

€8.10 for one pint

42,593 pints of plain in Temple Bar

Scones from Scone-gate

€10 for 3 mini scones

34,500 for 3

103,500 mini scones

Taylor Swift tickets

We don’t currently know exactly how much these are going to cost; tickets in the US were going from $289 (€264) but rising to as much as $1,778 (€1,078).

So assuming the cheapest is €264, Ryan Tubridy could get 1307 tickets to see Taylor Swift at the Aviva Stadium, and at their most expensive, he could get 320 tickets.

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Day-trips to Emerald Park

€39 for a day-trip to the park

8,846 day-trips to Emerald Park

A week at Center Parcs

From €3298 for seven nights

105 week-long trips to Center Parcs

We could do calculate everything Ryan Tubridy could buy with the extra money from RTÉ all day, and believe me, we’re tempted to, but for now we’ll leave you with that.

Header images via Instagram / Ryan Tubridy & Tesco


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