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04th Oct 2018

PIC: Gardaí Warn That Fake €50 Notes Are In Circulation And It’s Very Hard To Tell The Difference

Darragh Berry

You don’t want to be caught out by this, especially with something as big as a €50 note.

And there’s only a small way to tell the difference between real and fake.

The Connacht Telegraph has said that fake €50 notes are now in circulation and business owners who are opened late at night are being warned to be very cautious about what notes they take from people they don’t know.

A garda spokesperson told the publication that:

“The difference between these and the real €50 notes is that there are dots around the 5 and 0 of the fake version. Anybody coming across them should not accept them and contact their local garda station immediately.”

The difference between the real and fake notes is that there is a brown star to the right of the ‘0’ of the 50 and the other stars have lines going across them.

In the real note, the star is not coloured and the other stars do not have lines going across them.

When a similar event took place early in 2017 with €50 notes, Gardaí told people to be vigilant and to check out for some signs of a fake note.

“Obvious security features should be identified before accepting notes.

“These include; checking for the watermark, security thread, hologram patch and raised print. The value numeral on the old style €50 euro note will also change colour from purple to olive green or brown when tilted if the note is a genuine.

“By taking a few seconds to feel, examine and tilt euro notes, fraudsters can be prevented from passing off their fakes as the real thing.”

The Central Bank Of Ireland has also devoted a page on their website to fraudulent notes and what to look out for which is also worth a look if you’re ever unsure about money in your possession.

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