17 Photos To Show Just How Heartbreakingly Beautiful Sligo Really Is

Yeats Country will never let you down...

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A haven for all kinds of explorers, whether you're more keen to stay on dry land or want to dive into the briny deep, Sligo is so much more than your average seaside county.

Boasting an impressive stretch of the longest coastal driving route in the world, The Wild Atlantic Way, you know you're getting your money's worth when you decide to take a trip to Yeats Country.

Here's why.

1. Because the views could even tame The Wild Atlantic Way

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2. Because the houses look like this

3. The whole county is built on the lyrical brilliance of Yeats

With reference to his genius dotted everywhere.

4. Because it looks like this on a sunny day...

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5. ...and like this when it's cloudy

Ugh, why on Earth would you do it to yourself?

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6. Oh, and don't forget rain

Cause, y'know. Ireland.

7. Holiday homes look like this

Casual Notting Hill vibes.

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8. This is what they do in their spare time

9. That, or this

You know, pretty low key.

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10. This is just your average pier

That's just what the sky turns into just before it gets dark. So yeah, this is pretty much your nightlight. 


11. And this is what awaits you on your morning constitutional

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12. Or an evening meander

We didn't want to limit you. 

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13. And because life just seems to be one big postcard

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14. Because nobody ever wants to leave

This rule also applies to statues.

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15. You meet plenty of friends

And, you may even get to take a trip out to the famous Tír na nÓg.

We're not saying it will happen. Just, don't rule it out.

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16. Because you get to feel like you're on the edge of the world

Glance as far as you can glance, and then some.

Or, have your Titanic moment over the Atlantic. Important.

17. And finally, you can feel like you've travelled far

Even though you've barely left your doorstep...

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