20 Reasons Why Generation Emigration Can't Wait To Come Home For Christmas

Give me ALL the gravy

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The countdown is on. 

The vast Irish diaspora will be packing their suitcases shortly for the trip home to the Emerald Isle for their Christmas holidays. They'll be coming from England, from Scotland, from America, Australia, every country in the world basically. 

Typical really, we can't wait to get out of the country but it always keeps calling us back. 

Many of us would find it difficult to imagine not being "home" for the festive season.

Here's why...

1) Your family picking you up at the airport

If you're lucky!


2) Meeting your mates for a pint

And they spend more time insulting you than welcoming you home.


3) That pint being a beautifully creamy Guinness

"Guinness doesn't travel well."


4) Eating loads of Quality Street and Roses

Everything, apart from the green triangles.

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5) Rashers

Bacon is readily available throughout the world, but never tastes as good as it is at home.

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6) The annual Christmas family argument

We wouldn't be siblings if we weren't tearing the head off each other.


7) Christmas Mass

It's the Super Bowl of the church year.


8) The excitement on your brother's/sister's/nephew/niece's face when they're opening presents

It's a time for the family, but realistically it's more about the presents.


9) Turkey

Why don't we eat this beautiful bird more often?

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10) Christmas jumpers

The uglier the better.


11) Gravy

We're going to bathe in that shit.


12) Sitting around the fire

Those who now live in warmer climates automatically gravitate towards the only heat coming from the house.

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13) Hot whiskeys

While we're on the topic of keeping warm.


14) Boxing/Stephen's Day dinner

It's better than the big day, let's just acknowledge that.

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15) The unreal films on the telly

There's Home Alones and Harry Potters flying all around the place.


16) Mammy doing the washing for a week or two

Praise the sweet lord.


17) NOT New Year's Eve

Sit in your house all night and lock the door, for this is the most overrated shite night out you will have all year.


18) Drinking 13 cups of tea a day

Ah well sure, if you're having one yourself

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19) Having a peek at the presents on Christmas Eve

We will never grow up.


20) Just this whole big beautiful island

There's no place like home.



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Conor Coyle

Conor hails from Ardboe in Tyrone, but is currently based in Madrid. When not basking in sunshine with buckets of chorizo and wine, he tries to chase balls around grassy areas and travel as much as possible.