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21 Stock Photos That Prove The World Think Irish People Are Basically Drunk Leprechauns

By niallharbison

March 26, 2017 at 4:02pm


Irish people are thought of a certain way around the world. We all like to think that we are seen as great craic, fun to be around and easy going in general. 

Sure don't people say that to us all the time?

Well a quick look through stock images depicting the Irish tells you a very different story. We spend our days trawling images to use in stories and what you see is a very stereotyped vision of the Irish. 

Put simply we fight, drink green beer, fall asleep and then drink some more green beer when we awake. 

Have a look for yourselves...

1. This guy titled 'drunk Irish guy giving the thumbs up' sets the tone

Shutterstock 176812493

2. Just a quiet meal out with friends wearing your shamrock hat as you do

Shutterstock 577951972

3. The Irish lads can be slightly sexy too though if needs be it seems

Shutterstock 575188069

4. As can the ladies

Shutterstock 382885147

5. A visit to the pub means an Irish flag, a green hat and a horrendous looking pint of stout

Shutterstock 374694106

6. The red hair and beards are pretty much standard across the board

Shutterstock 503060098

7. And after a drinking session the Irish do love a mandatory arm wrestle

Shutterstock 374694055

8. While drinking your green beer you will always find pots of gold, horseshoes and shamrocks in an Irish pub

Shutterstock 572405146

9. The pace of drinking in an Irish pub is mad

Shutterstock 381906346

10. The Irish do know how to dress up smart though

Shutterstock 599903297

11. Presumably this means you have to be drunk to be Irish

Shutterstock 381955144

12. Nothing says it better than a stock photo sign

Shutterstock 381955075

13. Even a double date in Ireland involves green hats and beer

Shutterstock 579837682

14. Same for a gals night in watching movies

Shutterstock 579837784

15. Watching sports in a bar automatically comes with green beer and somebody sleeping

Shutterstock 589358090

16. Ultimately though the Irish are a happy people as long as they have their green beer

Shutterstock 589358204

17. Irish people have even learnt how to take selfies with their passed out friends

Shutterstock 589363088

18. Young and old, the Irish love their green beer in the pub

Shutterstock 589358225

19. Irish women always have red hair and huge pints 

Shutterstock 97133084

20. You probably didn't know leprechauns have beer bellies and smoke cigars in Ireland

Shutterstock 58287091

21. Ah to be sure to be sure — 'tis great to be Irish

Shutterstock 579836908

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