'Ah Sure Look It' Is Fast Becoming The Most Used Phrase In Ireland

By admin

May 1, 2019 at 12:11pm



If you believed every stereotype about Irish people based on TV shows, movies and comedians you'd think we all walked around saying "to be sure, to be sure" while drinking pints of Guinness and chasing pots of gold.

We all know that couldn't be further from the truth, but even though international stereotypes might be wrong, we wanted to highlight one phrase that is said across the nation with increasing popularity....

"Ah, sure look it."

We can't just be imagining it either as it seems to be spreading and becoming more prominent as part of our every day conversations.

The real beauty of this phrase is that it can have so many meanings and be dropped into so many different types of conversations.


Here are some common examples...

1. As an answer to a rhetorical question

Somebody points out that that the weather is shocking and rather than reply with a detailed explanation, a simple "ah, sure look it" conveys you agree.

"Isn't it a rotten day out there."

"Ah, sure look it."

2. As A way of grudgingly accepting your mistakes


"I had 10 pints last night and am in bits but ah, sure look it".

Conveys that you know where it all went wrong.

3. To convey appreciation or disgust in equal measure

"The Dubs have won 35 games on the trot now but ah, sure look".

Meaning that as the fan of an opposing team you are completely disgusted and wish they'd all get fecked but you do have a tiny bit of respect at the same time deep down.

4. To look back with huge satisfaction on an event


You might have a raging hangover from partying and lost all your money gambling at Cheltenham but "ah, sure look wasn't it worth every penny".

5. As a simple conversation filler mid-sentence

Probably the most common use of the phrase. Dropped into the most innocuous sentences ever where it is in no way needed but adds familiarity.

"Nothing much happened in today, but ah, sure look it I'm home now."

6. When you don't know the answer or want to reply to somebody


"Ah, sure look it" will suffice. Leave it at that.

7. As positive reinforcement when there is no hope left

You've missed the last bus, have lost your wallet, there's a 10 mile walk home ahead of you and it has just started raining.

"Ah, sure look it, we'll plough on and keep her lit."