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19th Feb 2017

8 Reasons Why Cliff House Hotel Makes For A Perfect Romantic Getaway


Waterford is the gift that keeps on giving. From the origin of the humble blaa, the internationally famous crystal and scenery that would put Lord of The Rings to shame, you really can’t go wrong with a trip down here.

And the jewel in its crown has to be Cliff House Hotel.

Oh, you need reasons? Then you shall have them.

1. Because it looks like this 

I mean, come on.

The spectacular five star beauty that is Cliff House Hotel is built into the rugged Earth of the Waterford coastline, and is one of the most striking scenes in the whole of Munster. 

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2. Because you get views like this

The Cliff House Hotel is in an unrivalled setting with outstanding sea views, making you wonder why you’d ever live anywhere else. 

Sunny southeast, you’ve done it again.

3. The food is the business

Specialising in fresh, locally sourced produce, Cliff House Hotel is known for its killer meals. Their mantra is ‘Let’s Go Disco’, a thought process that’s bagged them a Michelin star.

They especially excel during oyster season (in September).

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4. The staff go above and beyond for your every need

The hospitality in Cliff House Hotel is like nothing else, as the staff make you feel like the only person in the world.

They’re renowned for their efficiency and friendly demeanour, as well as being fully understanding when it comes to cancellations, food allergies, and the most complicated of drinks orders. 

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5. Because the rooms look like this

All of the rooms and suites are conveniently sea-facing, and many of these are connected, making them ideal for families or friends on a weekend away.

During your stay you have access to the bar, fitness centre, golf course, laundry, parking, pool, restaurant, room service, sauna, and spa. 

Not too shabby.

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6. Because you get to feel like you’re on the edge of the world

Blessed with mesmerising sea views, Cliff House Hotel gives you the opportunity to look over what seems like an endless stretch of azure. 

It’s one of the most romantic settings Ireland has to offer, providing you with the chance to have a real Titanic moment.

7. Because you have the option to be treated like the royalty you are

You know you’re in safe hands when a hotel has a whole ‘wellness & activities’ section for you to play around with. 

With every treatment imaginable available to you, Cliff House Hotel has you totally spoiled for choice, so you can come back feeling like a new person (even though the current you is pretty spectacular). 

8. Because you get to see the best of Ireland

Sit atop this sensational five star resort in your own private pool and jacuzzi, and get stuck into some whale watching off the rocky coast of Ardmore. Or you can dive into the deep end and get involved in some kayaking.

If you’re more of a land lover than a water baby, try your hand at horseback riding around rugged landscape or a walk along the picturesque coastline.

If you’re in need of a special weekend away, this might be the place for you.

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