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Need A Laugh? Here's Four Of Ireland's Most Hilarious Wikipedia Entries And Edits

By Louise

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Ireland... it is a complicated place and many people outside the country just don't understand the eccentricities and oddities of our great nation. And who can blame them if they're using Wikipedia to figure us all out?

Ever asked a foreign person if they would "shift your mate?" and just been met with blank stares? Well that is all the confirmation you'll ever need to know that we may speak English but we make it totally our own, much like some of these Wikipedia entries. 



Ballydangan. Credit: Google Maps

Ballydangan is a small town in Cork but has a big personality on Wikipedia. Ballydangan is, or at least was, home to Ireland's oldest cow, and adorably her name is Molly. 

"Home to the oldest cow in Ireland, Molly. Molly was born on the 12th of August, 1967" 

That would make her 47 years old! 

Shutterstock 305201216

Ballydangan also appears to have its own religion and sure if it isn't hurting anyone, more power to them.

"On the 31st of October every year, there is a festival with a large fire next to the ball alley where wooden pallets, old mattresses and recycling bins are sacrificed to the local God, Diesel". 

Shutterstock 408530629 1

Euro 2016

During the recent Euro 2016 football tournament, Irish fans were immortalised for their sound behaviour and general craic-having abilities.

As you'll remember, Robbie Brady scored an absolute belter in the 85th minute to put Ireland 1 - 0 to Italy. In the hours after the goal, some devoted fans took to accurately editing his Wikipedia page. 

Screen Shot 2016 09 20 At 05 52 56
Screen Shot 2016 09 20 At 05 54 00
Screen Shot 2016 09 20 At 05 54 28

Sadly the moderators were ever vigilant and edited back every entry... shame really. 

Desmond Tutu on Ireland AM

Did you catch Desmond Tutu on Ireland AM? We must have missed that particular episode ... 

Screen Shot 2016 09 20 At 06 01 19

Drug policing

For a while back in 2008, if you Wiki-searched the legality of cannabis in Ireland you would have been presented with this hilarious response. 

"Legality of cannabis by country: It is illegal in Ireland lad, but if you get a nice Garda on the day you might be left off."

Shutterstock 371966515

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