The 12 Funniest Tweets Of The Last Week From All Over The World

''A 2016 relationship is showing your partner something on your phone and them saying, "Ha yeah saw that."''

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Whether you love or loathe it, you can't deny that Twitter is the gift that keeps on giving, and sort of a game changer for all things internet. 

Each and every week, we scour the world wide web for the best, brightest and all round gassest so we can broadcast them to the world. 

Yiz messers. 

1. Yer ma goes international with @MustardCreams

2. Innovation with @joeheenan

3. It's funny cause it's true with @louisejonesetc

4. Dumb phrases with @i_zzzzzz

5. Life imitates art with @annaleszkie

6. Love is real with @FredFromHon

7. Perspective with @kashanacauley

8. Priorities with @jdelwoo

9. Words of wisdom with @pitbull

10. #health with @Irish_Dinosaur

11. Mystery with @gegtik

12. Politics with @ladyhaja

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