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20th Dec 2016

The 12 Funniest Worldwide Tweets Of The Week


Each week we do a round up of the best and most brilliant tweets we can find on the web, and showcase your genius to the world.

You deserve it, right?

We think so too. Have a quick gander below and brighten up your day.

1. Proper order with @elenacresci

2. The ugly truth with @melissabroder

3. Peaked too soon with @TheSofiya

4. Real talk with @Dave_Horwitz

5. The pressing questions with @johnsonbecky

6. The constant struggle with @myhairisblue

7. Flirty with @paigeweldon

8. True love with @arabellesicardi

9. Keeping it PG with @DanMentos

10. Wooing techniques with @plumpinut

11. Personal space with @tentakel

12. Forbidden love with @Christian_Zamo

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